Steve Koel

Trending Now Tri-Valley
20 Mauri Court, Danville, CA 94526
925- 263-2351
Member since: February 2020
Steve Koel

Trending Now Tri-Valley provides direct mail and digital advertising services to local businesses looking to grow their revenue stream by connecting local residents to their business by offering cost effective and visually attractive advertising. Our products are broken down into two categories, Demand Generation and Demand Satisfaction advertising.

Demand Generation advertising is all about planting seeds and creating awareness, familiarity, curiosity, commitment and finally loyalty with consumers using direct mail. Not all direct mail is the same. Our content like it says on our cover is Bigger, Bolder, Brighter and Better than other offerings as we focus on the content and then the offer or (call to action). This is a very different approach as our booklet feels, looks and behaves much differently in the mind of the consumer.

Demand Satisfaction advertising is advertising to solve a specific need in the mind of the consumer. Years ago, this was accomplished by the Yellow Pages (YP) . Today Google has replaced YP, and this is our preferred platform to connect businesses with audiences searching for their products. Our digital model also envelopes enhancing your marketing platform so that the advertising piece can be optimized to maximize the opportunity for your business.

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