These days, Networking and Connections are more important than ever!

White Rabbit Business Solutions is a growing network of business owners and professionals looking to connect with you.

As a business member, we will make introductions tailor-made for you to grow your business.

As a consumer, we invite you to look through our business members page where you’ll find contact information to reach out to these professionals.

During this trying time, White Rabbit Business Solutions started hosting live in-person networking events again. Due to the active variants of COVID-19, it is currently required to wear a face mask indoors with the exception of while eating or drinking a beverage. If you are planning to attend an event, please bring your face mask as it may be required to wear one. Granted some venues have outside areas, where it is still recommended for unvaccinated individuals to be masked. If you’re more comfortable wearing a mask, even outside, then please do so. Everyone’s safety should always be a priority, so please be mindful of all safety habits including disinfecting and washing of hands as often as possible.

As networking is such an important part of doing business now more than ever, we will be continuing to host in-person events as long as deemed safe. If you have recently attended one of our online events via Zoom, and you want them to return, please drop us an email or give us a call letting us know.

Be Safe and Happy Networking!

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