Kim Falahati

Family Matters
Downsize and Senior Specialist
Service Area: Contra Costa County, Alameda County, San Joaquin County and surrounding areas
Member since: September 2021
Kim Falahati
Family Matters has 4 different teams, making them the one-stop shop for all your in-home transition needs. Packing/Moving, Junk/Donation hauling, Liquidating, and Unpacking/Organizing. Whether you need full service or a la carte, Family Matters can help.
Kim personally understands what it’s like to downsize after living in your home for over 20 years. What it’s like to have senior parents. What’s it’s like to help a loved one with Dementia. What it’s like to call multiple companies to help her loved ones.
Because of her personal experience, she knows what her clients’ needs are and how to help them. She offers free consultations so she can map out a plan that is specific to their needs.
Kim’s passion is helping others as she is a nurturer by nature.
With Family Matters, you have one company to work with, one company to call, and one company to pay.
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