Edward Sanders

Edward F Sanders
4115 Blackhawk Plaza Circle #100 Danville, CA 94506
Member since: September 2022
Ed Sanders

I’m passionate about helping people PROTECT AND PRESERVE their INCOMES by providing strategies to:

  • Be Out of Debt Forever, without spending more money or changing one’s lifestyle
  • Protect against losses from economic or stock market downturns
  • Avoid future taxes, legally
  • Pay for college without using retirement money, savings, home equity loans or current cash accounts

For more than a decade I’ve watched people let money leave their checkbook unknowingly and unnecessarily…unknowingly because we did not know of an alternative…unnecessarily because there are better alternatives!

Worried about Retirement Dollars or Accounts?

Worried about investment losses from the pandemic market drop?


      If so, are you concerned about:

  • Will our investments come back in time for retirement?
  • Will we have enough money to retire if/when they do come back?
  • Do we sell now or do we hold on and hope we don’t lose more?
  • Is there something else we should do right now?
We are here to answer these questions and resolve your fears. We have gathered all the important facts and will share this information so you can feel better about your situation. We can then talk about planning for the future. We’re not selling anything…just sharing information.


We also have copies of a couple of recent books about stress free retirement and the importance of having a  tax-free account. They are available to anyone who wants them, while supplies last. Just call and we can talk…


{California only … Contact me for a no fee discussion of your concerns and facts which may help you with your direction.}
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