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Member since: August 2021
Deborah Finestone

Hi! I’m Deborah!

You want social media to help you reach more customers you can serve.

And you want it to be less stressful so you can enjoy your life and your business more.

My mission is to help you do that. I make social media less stressful for purpose-driven entrepreneurs and nonprofits.

So many people find marketing on social to be frustrating and time-consuming. But it doesn’t have to be! If you have a strategy, a plan and a partner who’s well versed in all the options and can help you be efficient and effective — to tell your story and reach who you want to reach.

Let’s create a custom marketing plan that will work for your business!

Marketing doesn’t have to be frustrating!

With the right strategy and plan, you can tell your unique story to reach your ideal customers.

Let’s help your business STAND OUT from the crowd! 

How great would it be to have a custom marketing plan just for your business that will get you results?
When we work together, that’s exactly what you’ll get! 

First, schedule a call so we can chat about your needs and goals. We’ll talk about what has worked, what hasn’t and how to get you to your goals.

We’ll come up with a custom plan for your business. No cookie-cutter marketing plans here! We’ll plan it out and make sure it is sustainable for you to get where you want to be.

I’ll teach you simple ways to implement your marketing plan and track your progress. We’ll finetune to ensure that we remain on track and you keep getting better, with me as your personal adviser.

As we keep improving the plan and bringing in more clients, we’ll strategize on how to maintain and grow your business even more.

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