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I am Casey Weider. I love helping my customers Amplify their business.

I am a digital marketing and advertising expert with a history of success working with businesses across several industries, including: wine, tech, entertainment, photography, food, cannabis, events, and more!

So, how do I get results for you?

  • I start by performing a complimentary digital audit and setting up an initial advertising/marketing consultation. I will work to understand your needs. Who is your best customer? How do they perceive you? What motivates them to use your product or service? What forms of advertising have you tried in that past? What’s worked, and what hasn’t?
  • Next, I take the information you provide me back to our expert team, and we work to put together a customized assessment and proposal based on your specific challenges and goals.
  • We will work together on possible solutions. With your knowledge of your business, my marketing expertise and support staff from Amplified Digital, we will be able to form a partnership that generates consistent, positive results. Our solutions may include targeted video, social, display, pay per click, traditional media, event marketing and more.

What do you get in return?

  1. Any and every resource available to me including exclusive research and ideas from one of the finest digital agencies in the country.
  2. Customized marketing and advertising solutions, not just “schedules”.
  3. Detailed follow through and ongoing optimization.
  4. Confidentiality and transparency.
  5. My commitment to your business and its growth.
  6. Consistently positive results!

What do I ask of you?

  1. Let me get involved in your business.
  2. Answer my questions openly and honestly.
  3. Share your frustrations and problems.
  4. Give me feedback, tell me what’s working and what isn’t.
  5. Challenge me—Let me help you succeed.

Marketing illuminated

success amplified

        We help your business succeed by connecting you with the widest audience in the smartest ways. How? We start by listening. Our goal is to understand what makes your business tick and what you want to accomplish.  The data-driven marketing solutions flow from there. Our team of experts work to collect, interpret, simplify & humanize data, driving a more transparent and intelligent strategy.                                                                              Double exposure of businessman hand working with new modern computer and business strategy as concept

We help your business succeed by connecting you with the widest audience in the smartest ways. How? We start by listening. Our goal is to understand what makes your business tick and what you want to accomplish.  The data-driven marketing solutions flow from there. Our team of experts work to collect, interpret, simplify & humanize data, driving a more transparent and intelligent strategy.

Smiling handsome waiter holding tablet and young pretty woman pointing on it in coffee shop

Creative marketing that gets in front of your audiences

We know the Pacific Northwest, and we know your audiences — we communicate with them every day. Through digital and traditional media supported by our unique approach to creative communications, we’ll collaborate with you to find solutions that talk to the customers you know — and get in front of those who haven’t met you yet.

Tap into our exclusive audiences

When you work with us, you work with an experienced team of storytellers who are working by the minute to cultivate an audience of your customers, an audience made available to you exclusively by our team.

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FREE Digital Analysis

A digital analysis will showcase how your company is positioned online to your potential customers.  Is your website optimized?  Is your online reputation strong?  Are you outperforming your competition?  These are all answers we can provide with a no obligation digital analysis.

We take data seriously. So seriously in fact that we spend over $1 million annually in the data we use to drive our decision making, resulting in world class recommendations and solutions we deliver to our clients.


Data and insights allow us to learn who your best prospects are and determine where they live, work, play…how they engage and spend…


It then allows us to locate where
the right consumers are based on location, shopping channels, and media preferences.


Giving us everything we need as to when and how to deliver the best message to inspire action.

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It’s all about the strategy

We work together to create innovative & strategic solutions.

Your goal is to reach current and potential customers and inspire them to act. We work with you to define who those customers are — and how we can best reach them. The result is a strategy that empowers you to tap into our unmatched audience reach.

Built with you and the Pacific Northwest in mind

In addition to expertise in nearly every business category through our work with tens of thousands of customers nationwide, our full-service agency offers unique industry expertise in areas vital to the economies of the Pacific Northwest.

Amplified Wine

Alas, so many wondrous wines, yet not nearly enough time to sample them all! Store shelves are chocked with choices, so how can you stand out in a sea of Chablis?

Amplified Wine + Brand Ave. Studios has the marketing expertise, media connections and technology to help you educate and attract new customers and fully celebrate your brand’s story. Allow us to show you our most recent wine and liquor campaigns. Check out our Wine Marketing hub to see how your can amplifiy your wine brand.  Cheers to your success!

Amplified Mining

If you are in the mining industry you are on the constant hunt for the precious commodities you are mining.  We help you mine the customers or employees that can help you with that mission.  Understanding the mining industry and how to connect the needs of service and support companies is a unique area we not only operate, but thrive.

No matter if your customers are local, regional, national or global, we know how to connect with them through targeted marketing and brand development.

underground mining

Amplified Ag

Amplified Ag is laser focused on agriculture and agricultural companies. Armed with significant data on all industries of ag, from production to processing, we have the ability to target your message down to such levels as farmers who grow over 1000 acres of soybeans, or food scientists who are decision makers for their company.  We understand that agriculture is not just a job, but a lifestyle.

We understand that you create your business to be successful with a specific product, service, or goal in mind, not to become digital media and advertising experts.

Amplified Recruitment

How are we so confident in our ability to help you with your recruitment needs?  It’s simple, we have been helping businesses find their next employee for over 132 years!

Did you know that today only 30% of the job force is actively looking for a job?  Making it even more difficult, there are 2 job openings for every unemployed worker.  What this means is you have to do more than use a job board or two, you need to tell your story to the 70% of workers who are passively looking for new opportunities.  Don’t worry though, we have world-class solutions that make it easy for you to reach your ideal employee and amplify your business to prospective candidates!

Audience-based solutions

Audience targeting allows you to place your message in front of potential customers where they spend time online, utilizing targeting segments such as demographic information, website category, browsing behavior, and search habits. Amplified Pacific leverages data from publishers and readers, and pairs it with data from third-party websites across a massive network to target your message to the best possible audience. Your campaign is optimized in real-time, and can be modified at any time to suit your company’s changing needs.

  • Streaming Video/Audio

  • Targeted Social

  • Social Media Managment

  • Omni-Channel

  • Direct Mail

  • Mobile Location Targeting

  • Email Marketing

  • Remarketing

  • Pay Per Click

  • eCommerce

Storytelling-based solutions

Reaching your customers is the first step. Creating a meaningful connection is the next. Our creative team harnesses the power of great storytelling to communicate your message in the following ways

  • Brand Development

  • Video Concepts & Creation

  • Contests

  • Events & Sponsorships

  • Brand Activations

  • Content Creation

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