Gil Rodrigues

White Rabbit Business Solutions - Founder/CEO
Networking Made Easy®
231 Market Place, Suite 148, San Ramon CA 94583
Service Area: Tri-Valley, SF Bay Area and Beyond
Member since: December 2019
Gil Rodrigues

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Motivational Speaker or workshop facilitator

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Gil Rodrigues (925) 786-2545

specializing in insurance sales

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grows your business!

White Rabbit Business Solutions helps small business owners and sales professionals grow their business by word of mouth networking. Monthly networking events are offered as a way for these business owners to learn and share a little about each other’s business and how to they can help. The White Rabbit Business Solutions platform is also a way for the community to learn about some of the small businesses in the surrounding area.

This is a resource for consumers to use well into the future. White Rabbit Business Solutions knows no boundaries. There are already members in states other than California, where it all began. Eventually it will be well known like the yellow pages were. If you own a business or are a professional in sales, now is the time to join while the price is still at an entry level. I bet you have questions, we have answers! Please reach out and ask your question!

Gil has always been committed to helping business owners by connecting them with each other and the public. Many of these wonderful local businesses get lost in an internet search, so we strive to be a trusted resource for the community to find these local businesses. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a photographer, an insurance agent, realtor, or custom furniture craftsman, White Rabbit Business Solutions should be the first and last search that will be needed! If we don’t have what you’re looking for, let us know and we’ll try to find it for you!!!

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I look forward to making a connection for you!

Founder/CEO White Rabbit Business Solutions

Watch and listen to Gil talk about White Rabbit Business Solutions and the art of networking…while he is a guest on…The Disruptive Chef  Show, hosted by Christian Fischer!

White Rabbit Business Solutions / Gil Rodrigues reviews:       

“Gil is a networking pro and has created a great platform to connect like minded business owners. Thanks to White Rabbit, I have been able to meet various business owners who are now becoming my valuable power partners.”  Ajay Saini – Entrepreneur

“Gil is such a genuine, amazing human being. He has a special super power….connecting people. He is well networked to an amazing tribe. When you need help, he is there to lend a hand. When you need ideas, he’s there to brainstorm with you. When you need a connection or resource, he has a huge network to support you. I highly recommend checking out White Rabbit Business Solutions and chatting with Gil.”  Holly Jean Jackson – Holistic Business Coach

“Gil is an incredible connector and has created a network and platform for bringing hardworking individuals together in such a positive way. I always look forward to joining for his Mixers and know that Gil is keeping his eye out on how to best serve my business!”  Shayna Ronen – I Can Do That Performing Arts

“No one knows networking better than Gil Rodrigues! A seasoned networking pro, Gil understands what business owners are looking for when it comes to genuine referrals and connections.”

Tom Jackson – Last Laugh Creative

“Gil is a pro at connecting people via his White Rabbit Networking Business. I highly recommend him!”

Steve Koel – Trending Now Tri-Valley

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