August Event…Mexican Food Anyone?

If you missed the July networking event at the Swirl On the Square, here is your chance to experience a great time out, wonderful food, and a cocktail it wash it down! This is a local favorite place to hangout and enjoy some good company! REGISTER HERE

It seems like summer is flying by…have you set time aside for you to just hang out and enjoy a great watering hole? Come out and have some fun with good food and friends. We all want to meet you and learn about your business so we can help in anyway we can. If you’re not sure about going or have a question, please give Gil Rodrigues a call at (925) 786-2545. This will be a great event to meet other business owners, but keep in mind, Everyone is welcome!

The event is a no host bar, everyone covers their own orders. So come out and enjoy our version of what a happy hour should be!!!REGISTER HERE

White Rabbit Business Solutions is a networking business. Need help making more money through relationship marketing? Learn how Networking Made Easy® can help small business owners and sales professionals grow their business.

Registering for this event allows us to share your contact information (email) so you don’t have to worry if you run out of business cards. REGISTER HERE

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