Has anyone ever talked to you about how every dollar which leaves our checkbook unknowingly or unnecessarily, and not earning interest is gone forever? Not only is the dollar gone forever, but the compound interest on that dollar is also gone for the rest of our lives. That happens to be a large number.
All of this is talked about in my new book which I will be happy to send you. Request the book at:
If you have debt (credit card, car loans, student debt, personal loans, etc.) go to the following website and we will provide you an interesting perception of debt and what the effective interest rate on your loans really is. This is not loan consolidation. This is debt elimination forever. You will also see a short video from Kevin O’Leary from the “Shark Tank”.
We will then prepare a plan, without a fee, on how you are able to be out of debt without changing your lifestyle and finish with a large sum of tax advantaged cash in your account in an accelerated timeframe. Check it out.
Are taxes an issue? A great topic to discuss because there are several strategies to reduce taxes and provide more spendable income. Just let me know with an email and we will spend 15 minutes to discuss.
Are you wondering how to pay for college without robbing your savings and/or your retirement funds or without borrowing from your home equity? There is a dark side to a 529 plan.
Stay safe and healthy. Hope to hear from you soon. Ed

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