Meet You at Firehouse 37

It’s time for our September networking event! In this time of COVID uncertainty, everything is talked about and changes by the day! Booster or no booster, mask or no mask, it seems to be in constant flux. It does appear to be safer outside than inside though, so for the September event, it will be at Firehouse 37. There is a large patio area in front of the restaurant (see picture below), where as of now, a mask isn’t needed. Because each situation is different, you have to do what you believe is best for you. If you’re attending a massive outdoor concert where everyone is shoulder to shoulder, it’s much different than you going for a walk outside with someone. So please don’t do anything outside of your comfort zone, if you feel better being masked, then by all means, where a mask. If you’re vaccinated and feel ok being at an outside networking event without a mask, then please keep in mind everyone is different and be respectful of those wearing a mask. Please have a mask with you if you plan on wearing one or not. The law of the land may be different at the time of the event.

Join us Wednesday September 15th from 5-6:30 pm at Firehouse 37 in San Ramon for a late afternoon of FREE networking and celebrating your business. Yes that’s right, meet other small business owners and professionals who want to learn all about your business!

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